Climate Change: A Guide to Action Planning

Theme: Climate Change: A Guide to Action Planning

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019

Venue: University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba – Lagos

Project Type: Public Lecture

The project aims at hosting a public lecture at the University of Lagos with a capacity of over 100 seats for students from the University and other neighbouring schools in attendance to teach them about the effects of climate change on our present-day existence and as it threatens the sustainability of earth’s natural resources in the future. Emphasis will be on the need for African Development Bank (AfDB) and other international organisations to immediately stop financing coal energy, discourage the use of fossil fuel and prioritise the funding for renewable energy. A petition will be signed by all participants which will delivered to the African Development Bank office in Abuja.

It is intended that the event will be supported by and will be held simultaneously in all venues and all around the Africa to create awareness of the anti – fossil fuel campaigns in Nigeria/Africa and educate the youths on climate change action planning and encourage change of behaviour, financing coal and better production methods to help sustain life on earth