Our Focus Areas

Research and Advocacy

INCSR is the convener of the African Conferences on Business and Human Rights primarily focusing on research and advocacy in the area of Sustainability, CSR and corporate human rights aimed at influencing public policy and oversight for a accelerated economic development and sustainability.

Site Audits

With experience in over 80 countries, our international team of auditors and consultants can assess your organization against any salient risks, be it financial or reputational and identify opportunities for sustainability in the market place

Redefining CSR and
Sustainability Programs

CSR and sustainability spending is often more focused on corporate philanthropy not creating the desired societal value to stakeholders. We help companies to create and capture more stakeholder value from existing CSR and sustainability programs.

Employee Training

We specialize in designing and implementing sector-focused training programs and practical learning events tailored to your needs. These programs are usually delivered at desired project sites and training venues.

Strategic CSR Planning and Implementation

We work with organizations to assess CSR needs and develop a strategic CSR plan for their organization. With an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges through sample audits,

CSR Partnership Programs /
Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

PPPs have emerged recently as one of the best ways to foster development, fueled by insufficient resources, growing pressures on government budgets and a general concern about service provision by state enterprises and agencies.

Corporate Social Responsibility.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


At INCSR, we help African governments and businesses understand what CSR / Sustainability means to them. We have a network of CSR experts including Auditors, Facilitators and Consultants who are industry leaders that can help provide your organisation with the help you need to get to the next level.

We also work with academic institutions, NGOs, donor agencies, investors and  international organisations to research key areas of concern or interest.


There are hundreds of definitions of corporate social responsibility, or CSR. The one we think says it the best comes from the International Organization for Standardization’s  Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility, ISO 26000, published in 2010. Read more HERE

A plethora of concepts have emerged to express the role and responsibilities of business in society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) origins traced with early industrialists; it is now viewed as “one of, if not the most important issue of our time” Read more HERE

CSR definitions is ambiguous; terms like corporate social investment, corporate citizenship, business ethics are used interchangeably. Read more HERE


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