Sustainable & Responsible Banking for Senior Executives

This course focuses on managing sustainability risks and opportunities in banking. It addresses the long-term needs of society and the environment as well as improving banks’ returns on equity and reducing volatility.

Banks are currently involved in a culture change process that will lead them to be more solid, responsible and sustainable. In the emerging economies the pressure is for banking to contribute to sustainable development that meets the needs of local communities in environmentally acceptable ways; in developed markets there is a perceived need both to restore public trust in banking and develop more resilient income streams. Research suggests that banks which practice sustainable banking have improved returns on assets and equity compared with other banks. This course provides an opportunity for participants to update their knowledge and to explore the available mechanisms to deliver sustainable banking in their own institutions and countries.

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Sustainable Banking – Managing Direct and Indirect Environmental and Social Risks 

Global experts advise that in order to stir humanity towards sustainability, we need to re-design everything, from our homes to our food, energy, transport and economic systems. This transformation needs to occur on a grand scale and take into consideration people, planet and livelihoods to arrive at a holistic balance as we humbly endeavour to redesign human presence on Earth.

At INCSR, we offer you this short course that highlights what is possible, what is being done, and what remains to be done, to transform society, while addressing the most pressing issues of our times. Banking for Sustainability invites a cross-generational process of critical thinking, the exploration of innovative banking solutions and social entrepreneurship, and is inspired by what Thich Nhat Hanh has called ‘interbeing’ – the connection we share with all living things.

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