Understanding and Exploring the Business Opportunities in Sustainability Implementation for the Financial Sector

Many banks and other organisations in the financial sector still see sustainability as something they do in response to regulatory pressure or to mitigate harm. We want to change the focus to how it can be a tool for the financial sector to make a positive impact. Sustainability is a business opportunity rather than something you do on the side. The main challenge for lenders is a lack of knowledge about how to change their organisations and how to select the right businesses to invest in.

The first step is to move from trying to avoid risks to proactively looking for ways to tap into the business opportunities offered by sustainable banking. In doing this, you need to understand what sustainability means to your organisation, to measure where you are currently, work out
where you want to go and how you are going to implement a strategy to get you there and this is what this training will help you achieve.

And you must always remember that banking is still an exercise in lending consumers’ savings to the real economy so you cannot gamble with that money. As a result, Leonie Schreve, head of sustainable lending at ING says: “We don’t invest in sectors that do not have proven technology. On the other hand, we don’t want to have a 15-year exposure to an unsustainable industry that may not be around in 10 years’ time because of regulation, environmental challenges or social pressures.”

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The Sustainable Manufacturing course is designed to familiarize large often international manufacturing companies with key concepts, approaches, strategies, terminologies and regulations related to sustainable manufacturing. The following modules guide users through sustainable manufacturing’s
various aspects to help companies identify opportunities for reduced negative impact and value enhancements throughout the production cycle and supply chain.

Global experts advise that in order to stir humanity towards sustainability, we need to re-design everything, from our homes to our food, energy, transport and economic systems. This transformation needs to occur on a grand scale and take into consideration people, planet and livelihoods to arrive at a
holistic balance as we humbly endeavour to redesign human presence on Earth.

At INCSR, we offer you this specially designed training course that highlights what is possible, what is being done, and what remains to be done, to transform society, while addressing the most pressing issues of our times. Building and managing Sustainability organization invites a cross-generational
process of critical thinking, the exploration of innovative solutions and social entrepreneurship, and is inspired by what Thich Nhat Hanh has called ‘interbeing’ – the connection we share with all living things.

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