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We are delighted to have our President, Mr. Eustace Onuegbu participate at the official ceremony of the first ever green bond issuance and listing in Africa by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).The pre-listing conference themed “Exploring the Green Financing Opportunity” was held at the NSE on 20th July 2018 and coincided with an earlier arranged workshop on Sustainable Banking which had over 60 senior bankers from all around the country also held in Lagos on Saturday 21st July 2018. Green Bond

At the meeting, Mr. Onuegbu identified the green bond key investment interests to include the following;-

  • Lower costs relative to conventional bond
  • Scope cuts across all sectors
  • Unique way of diversifying investment portfolio
  • Nigeria is a signatory to Paris Agreement therefore will have international support
  • N74Bn transactions so far in Nigeria
  • Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has now risen to N13.7 Tn
  • $24 Tn in Sustainable and low carbon finance available globally

He encouraged the bankers to support the Federal Government’s efforts in promoting a green economy which is a key aspect of sustainable banking and investment. As certified ISO 26000 Social Responsibility and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Auditors, IN-CSR will work to assess investments in this arena in the coming months and years.

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