4th International Conference 2018

(In Partnership with Institute of Management Consultants(IMC)]

Theme:-Advancing Sustainability Principles for National Development

Venue: Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Ikeja-Lagos
Date:    28th – 29th November 2018
Time:- 09:00 AM daily


The global community is working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which include ending extreme poverty, decent work and economic growth, water and sanitation, affordable clean energy and providing quality education among others. The SDGs form a universally agreed blueprint and have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest.

It is not a coincidence that regarding sustainable development the business sphere also has an important role to play, particularly the responsibility of large corporations. As a consequence of globalization multinational companies being present in several countries, the companies gained significant ascendancy. Based on the list which was compiled on the basis of data from the World Bank in 2017 and the Fortune Global 500 out of the world’s 100 largest economies – countries and corporations – 69 of them are corporations moving up from 42 in 2014 and a number of them have operations in Africa. There is an urgent need to formulate a sustainability framework that addresses the interactions and dependencies as well as trade-offs in various focus areas.


The challenge that these adjustments present, calls for the alignment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policies with strategic national growth plan to create a truly sustainable approach for national development in African countries. This fourth Africa Conference on Business and Human Rights has therefore been designed to study and deal with the unprecedented impacts of Sustainability on national growth, societal welfare and the environment. It will facilitate the elaboration of various frameworks with the goal of developing evolutionary sustainability practices. The forum will aim to discuss business opportunities and risks associated with different sustainability initiatives and other regulatory mechanisms.

Presentations will mainly focus on the implications of these mechanisms for national and international governance, and how they can promote public policy in Africa. The conference will highlight what is possible, what is being done, and what remains to be done, to transform society, while addressing the most pressing issues of our times – globalization and international finance, corruption and sustainable development. It invites a cross-generational process of critical thinking, the exploration of innovative solutions and social entrepreneurship, and is inspired by what Thich Nhat Hanh has called ‘interbeing’ – the connection we share with all living things.


As usual, the forum will be a leading platform for business leaders, academics and government officials to discuss the intrinsic link between public policy and corporate behavior; a place to identify solutions that integrate sustainability principles into corporate governance and core business, a networking opportunity to build relationships with key partners, a means to gain reputational benefits from being involved. The two-day workshop will recognize innovative approaches being implemented by leading organizations, regulators and feature thought leaders; and research on a diverse range of issues facing governments and business in Africa. It brings together representatives from various parts of the world and leading international organizations including United Nations to share their experiences, challenges and ideas in this area.



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