SDG Masterclass

Empowering business to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals

This Masterclass will provide company practitioners with an interactive and practical crash course on the Intersection between Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals.

Delegates will learn about CSR and Sustainability strategy that will provide them with the capacity to start / advance action towards the SDGs in their organisation.

Join us to learn and be inspired; to exchange with peers and to drive positive change

Strategic & tactical planning

Day 1: SDGs & Business Transformation
A deep understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and the role of business in achieving them Information, tools and inspiration to tackle the SDGs and transform business practice

Day 2: Strategy & Collaboration – from theory to actionPractical sessions to help you implement or advance the SDGs in your own business (incl. Materiality; Impact measurement; building the internal business case & strategic collaborations).

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Strategic & tactical planning

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