We are delighted to invite you to the launch of ISO 20400 Sustainable Supply Chain and Procurement School, the first of its kind in Africa. This hybrid (physical and virtual) event is billed for the 14th of September 2021 from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Recent studies reveal that most organisations still do not have a good understanding or oversight of their supply chain risk profiles. They do not understand that they are socially and at times legally liable, directly and indirectly for the malpractices of their vendors, suppliers and contractors, in the process of producing their goods, providing their services, constructing, or managing their facilities, etc. The pandemic has further highlighted the vulnerabilities that businesses and institutions face in their supply chain, despite claims to the contrary on companies’ websites and annual reports.

It is in response to this knowledge/practice gap that we seek to launch the ISO 20400 Sustainable Supply Chain Procurement School in Africa. The aim is to build the much-needed capacity on these supply chain and procurement challenges while developing strategic ways of mitigating them. This will definitely reduce risk exposures for organisations, increase trade and investment and make Sub-Saharan Africa a more favourable destination for foreign investment especially with the present economic uncertainties.

The Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment His Excellency, Chief Otunba Niyi will be the Chief Launcher, Sir Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair of Supply Chain Sustainability School United Kingdom will be the Keynote Speaker while the Director General and Chief Executive of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mallam Farouk A. Salim will be participating as the Guest Speaker as well as other business leaders from across Africa.

It is therefore a privilege and an honour to invite you as a key stakeholder to participate at this launch.

We have made provisions for Virtual Participation via this Registration Link: which we politely request that you share with your team, interested parties and stakeholders ahead of the event.
We are pleasantly looking forward to your participation at this important pan African event.

Best regards!

Eustace Onuegbu CMSA, FASPN, FIMC, CMC
President, IN-CSR
Head – Supply Chain Sustainability School, Africa
PECB Accredited Partner and Certified Facilitator.
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