With experience in over 80 countries, our international team of auditors and consultants can assess your organization against any salient risks, be it financial or reputational and identify opportunities for sustainability in the marketplace. This may be potential interwoven risks posed to a regulatory agency, an environmental risk in a production company or an intricate combination of supply chain issues that may adversely affect bottom-line

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Our Work

The business world is awakening to an undeniable reality: our global economy, society and environment are inextricably aligned. At INCSR, we help African governments and businesses understand what CSR / Sustainability means to them. We have a network of CSR experts including Auditors, Facilitators and Consultants who are industry leaders that can help provide your organisation with the help you need to get to the next level.

We also work with academic institutions, NGOs, donor agencies, investors and  international organisations to research key areas of concern or interest.

Our Expertise

If you want to find out more about CSR in Africa, enroll on our monthly training courses for both general and sector focused CSR training including ISO certifications around Africa. You may also want to subscribe to for our research reports and CSR, Sustainability and Corporate Human Rights Articles on our website. We have a network of industry leading Consultants that can help you understand how to design and implement an effective CSR sustainability strategy/policy for increased bottom-line and oversight.

Advocacy, Research, Consultancy, Training and Advisory Services

With a combined experience of over 35 years in CSR and Sustainability, our team of consultants are readily available to provide consultation and advisory services to Governments, Enterprises, Regulatory Bodies, Civil Society Organisations and the general public in areas such as:

What is a Management System (MS), an Integrated Management System (IMS) and an Integrated Sustainability Management System (ISMS)?A management system is a set of policies, processes and procedures used by an organisation to ensure that it can fulfil the tasks required to achieve its objectives while an integrated management system is a framework that combines different aspects of an organisation’s systems, processes, and any standards that the business follows to achieve desired business goals. Download the full document HERE

Awareness, Strategy, Structure and Process are key to stakeholder engagement. We can work with organizations to audit their key stakeholders be it a global supply chain network, financial investment partner, an insurance client or licensed shipping line, then review their strategy enabling us to help to structure and put in place a CSR process which will in turn help to identify enhancement opportunities. We can then build a customized training program that allows field teams and internal stakeholders to improve performance in this critical area. Programs normally involve an initial review and assessment period followed by a classroom training session and a field mentoring period and culminating in a final classroom session. Ongoing mentoring and support is also available.

CSR and sustainability spending is often more focused on corporate philanthropy not creating the desired societal value to stakeholders. We help companies to create and capture more stakeholder value from existing CSR and sustainability programs.

We specialize in designing and implementing sector-focused training programs and practical learning events tailored to your needs. These programs are usually delivered at desired project sites and training venues. We also provide other training programs across the region on CSR and HRDD. The training schedules are published twice per year on our website and other online platforms.

We work with organizations to assess CSR needs and develop a strategic CSR plan for their organization. With an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges through sample audits, we develop and deliver training programs that facilitate efficient and sustainable implementation of the CSR program.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged recently as one of the best ways to foster development, fueled by insufficient resources, growing pressures on government budgets and a general concern about service provision by state enterprises and agencies.  CSR Partnerships can be an efficient means to deliver both developmental value to the community and value to the organization. Whether it is a business partnering with the public sector or a development partner, there is a potential for synergy and improved and broadened value creation. We will work with your organization to review/develop your CSR partnership strategy and then work with your team to identify and develop sustainable partnerships.

Reporting and communications are vital in achieving your CSR goals and involves all units within the organization. We will to review your CSR Reporting and Communications process, identify opportunities for increased efficiency and value creation and then help train key personnel in line with global best practice to help create shareholder value.

Every organization has a ‘social value brand’ whether you know it or not. It can help you to create value, or it can be a drag and cost you value. We can help you to understand your social value brand and use it to create shareholder value.

We can work with you to develop strategic CSR events to help build your public image and position your organization.

Other Services include:

  1. Research and investigations on CSR / Human Rights Policy Implementation
  2. Company / product risk assessment for Insurance Companies, Investors and Lenders
  3. Consultation on CSR and Business policies
  4. Good Governance and Democracy
  5. Investigation of suspected human rights abuses for Government agencies, NGOs and corporate organisations
  6. Law Enforcement and Human Rights
  7. All International Instruments on Business and Human Rights including UN-GPHRB, ISO 26000, ILO Tripartite Declaration etc..

UN Three Pillars – Business and Human Rights

  1. The State duty to protect human rights: To engage African Governments on their performance against key international instruments and policies on democratic governance including economic, social, civil and political rights
  2. The corporate responsibility to respect human rights: To act as a resource not just for businesses, but also for Governments, civil society, investors, lawyers and others who engage with business on these issues
  3. The need for greater access to remedy for victims of business-related abuse: To educate the citizenry, create awareness among African States and advocate for remediation using all platforms necessary including national, regional and global platforms such as working in partnership with the United Nations.
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