Our Core Values

Accelerated Economic Growth and Sustainability are the core values that drives our vision and actions. INCSR helps organizations to make significant strides in reducing its footprint and developing innovative solutions to make progress towards its sustainability goals.


We believe in transparency of service and individual case workers; efficient communicating process and simple fee structures.


We work with public policy making institutions and regulatory agencies to influence public policy for a better future for the next generation.


Our sustainability CSR Consultants are among the best in field with combined experience of over 35 years from all continents of the globe, we are well positioned to help your organisation reduce risks and improve oversight or bottom-line.


Our Auditors pride in our commitment to excellence and reputation for integrity. We strive to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships for our partners based on trustworthiness and dependability.

Staff Training

We are a leading sustainability CSR training provider in Africa. Our Practitioners’ training and ISO certifications courses will help position your organisation among the best sustainability CSR compliant organisations in the region

Flat Fee Structure

We charge small fees to cover costs and support our advocacy work. For this reason, INCSR offers a flat fee structure to all of our partners whether the project is an extensive sustainability CSR audit or one day training for your staff.

How Can We Help You?

Contact us at the INSCR office nearest to you or submit a  inquiry online.

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