ISO 20400 is an international standard that provides guidelines on sustainable procurement. The standard can be used by an organization that intend to improve their social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The standard’s main guidelines include key sustainability considerations, integrating sustainability into the organization’s procurement policy and strategy, managing risks and opportunities, planning and integrating sustainability into the procurement processes, and measuring and improving the sustainable procurement performance. Throughout all these instances, the engagement of stakeholders is just as important in order for the sustainable procurement initiatives to be successful. Therefore, considerable attention is given to the engagement of stakeholders throughout the supply chain.


Considering the growing awareness with regard to sustainable business practices, nationally and internationally, whether required by laws and regulations, promoted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or even by the changing societal expectations – there are a myriad of reasons in today’s world that drive organizations to be more sustainable.

By attending this training course, you have the opportunity to advance your competencies in order to help organizations integrate sustainability in their procurement policies and practices. In addition, you will be able to support an organization in understanding the conditions and management techniques required to successfully implement and continually improve sustainable procurement.

In addition, through the guidance of ISO 20400, you can help organizations align their procurement processes in a way that positively contributes to worker rights, legal environmental obligations, and economic equity within and throughout supply chain.

Having an ISO 20400 certification, will prove to that you have the necessary capacities to support organizations making sustainable procurement decisions in a manner that is more sustainable socially, environmentally, and economically.