After undergoing this course (ISO 26000 Social Responsibility), l do not hesitate in recommending it to organisations and individuals alike. It sets one at a higher pedestal of practical knowledge that translates to reputation and economic gains both for the organisation, and to the individual.

– Chinwe Ifechigha, Head – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Total Plc

The social Impact Assessement training was exceedingly apt for what we wanted for the organisation.The topics covered are intergal tot he foundation of creating social audit implementation for the organisation.We found it all to be just right.

Friendly,confident presentation by the lead,cut to the heart of the matter quickly.We are happy withthe balance ,which was tailored to our specific situations.

We found the trainer excellent and was able to answer all questions asked and delivered the course in an interesting format.It was engaging presentation with lots of opportunity to participate.

We recommend IN-CSR to any organisation seeking for interesing and interactive training session.

– Brandie Stevens-Ige. (Group Head,Sustainability-Lapo MFB)

How Satisfied Are You With The Training?

The Training approach and methodology demonstrated that the facilitator has expert grasp of the subject matter.It addressed crucial aspects of CSR and Philanthropy,which had been somewhat grey in our immediate clime.I will always ask of more of such session(s).

How Important is the training to your job role?

I would claim that the training was most useful to me because Agriculture Insurance (My Specialty) thrives on strict adherence to effective and efficient risk management standards, which cut across territorial Boundaries.


1. i suggest that this,and similar sessions,be taken to other insurance practitioners in the country.

2. The Training was rushed; I think that subsequent similar sessions should be spread out.


-Leonard Okafor

The training covered a lot of ground on ESG issues and information,delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.The structure was clear,logical and effective. INCSR has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it and it showed through presentation.

Although the session was condensed as requested by us,they ensured no important and relevant aspect were left out.

I appreciate the way it was tailored specifically to our industry,thus allowing for the recipients to be able to relate to the concepts introduced.

Opportunity was given to react and respond to topics covered at different points throughout the training,unlike sessions with other trainers that leave the Q&A to the very end,at which point some of the momentum may have been lost.

It was an important and a professionally structured session that i would recommend to any organization that is actively seeking and determined to “Do Thing The Right Way”

-Abi Shobanjo, HEAD, CSR- AIICO Insurance PLC

Very effective CSR training that is informative and interesting. I am a lot more informed about CSR and businesses / organisations

– Usman, S. [NIMASA]

Very educative training, should be a continuous process

– Abu, A. [NIMASA]

The training enhanced my knowledge of CSR. It was very educative and satisfactory. It is very essential and important especially to regulatory institutions and corporate organisations. The training materials were rich and self-explanatory. I would also score the facilitator 80% that even at a very short notice; he was able to arrange for the training.

I hereby recommend that INCSR be given the opportunity to educate companies, institutions and other stakeholders on CSR/Sustainability as its importance cannot be neglected …everyone should be given the opportunity to attend this training in order to enhance their reputation and sustain their business.

Very in-depth training – moderation showed in depth and well-grounded knowledge of CSR. I am well informed on CSR issues and hope to better my organization from knowledge gained.

– Sandra O.[Protection Plus Services Ltd]

I am overly impressed and unreservedly, I wish to express my gratitude to Greg, Eustace and Nelson for the training on the Role and Impact of CSR. It was enlightening. Moroso, I have been empowered to take more responsive actions in addressing this subject with other companies and organizations.

– Nwahiri G.U. [Profiles & Brand]

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