People and organizations across the world are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and responding accordingly. Many businesses are already implementing policies to minimize the potential spread of the virus and protect their employees — which, during a public health emergency, should be their top priority. These include remote and rotational work schedules which also exposes both the organizations and the employees to different types of risks.

Prior to COVID-19 outbreak, there were 860 000 occupational accidents every day, according to the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, These accidents have consequences in terms of injuries. The direct or indirect cost of occupational illness and accidents at work is estimated at USD 2.8 trillion worldwide. These already represent an enormous burden for organizations and society as a whole, costing over 2.3 million deaths a year, not to mention the more than 300 million non-fatal accidents.

Therefore, businesses need to proactively manage all their OHS risks in order to survive and thrive again.Join us to prepare your organization or start a new career as we train and certify delegates ONLINE for business after the pandemic on ISO 45001.

Fee: NGN 180,000. (Includes exam and certification fees)

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