Thematic Areas

Our Focus Areas

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Business for Social Responsibility simply means achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has therefore become not only the 'right thing to do', but also the 'competitive' thing to do.


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Business and Human Rights

The UN GP provides for


1.The State duty to protect human rights:

2.The corporate responsibility to respect human rights:

3.The need for greater access to remedy for victims of business-related abuse:


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Certification and Training Programmes

IEMA Accredited CSR Sustainability Training Courses in Africa

IEMA Certificate in Sustainability Strategy


The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program

Through De Bernards Consulting and In partnership with Sustainability and CSR Insights © UK and The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program, we provide a range of globally accredited CSR practitioner training courses for all levels of CSR professionals in Africa..

Upcoming CSR Certification Programs

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We maintain three levels of membership register - Corporate, Professionals and Students.


Our professional members comprises of CSR Auditors, Consultants and Facilitators as well as Human Rights Advocates from around the world



Human Rights 4 Business - Section of INCSR


The UN Three Pillar Framework

The three-pillar Framework consists of:

• The State duty to protect human rights

• The corporate responsibility to respect human rights

• The need for greater access to remedy for victims of business-related abuse

This framework forms the basis of our work

Our Mission

Humanrights4business is a section our programme focused on researching, monitoring and influencing business practices especially within multinational companies operating in sub-Saharan Africa in line with international conventions.



We work to shape public policy in Africa, create awareness and strengthen good business practice to reduce corporate abuse on human rights in Africa, an issue that has been underreported by international civil society organisations.


Human Rights Due Diligence - Working Conditions, Contractual Obligations, Business Impact Assessment, Environmental Issues, Business and Migration, Digital Dangers, Lagos Centre for Responsible Business, The Role of Government and Overseas Missions, Monitoring Elections, International and National Human Rights Instruments, Country Guides


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Shared Stakeholder Value


At INCSR, our mission is to mobilise African governments and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable economy.

Changing business practices to incorporate long-term social risks instead of merely relying on short-term returns as a measure of economic health is a key component of our work.


To accomplish our goals, we work with policymakers, regulatory agencies, leading companies, non-profit organisations, investors, public interest groups, and other stakeholders to advance sustainable solutions that will reduce social risks and make African businesses competitive globally.

Drawing on our expertise of the Network, we convene and direct stakeholder engagements with businesses to find smart strategies and meaningful performance improvements on key CSR and sustainability issues. Our international and diverse expert team provides ongoing input to companies on policies, strategies, disclosure and bottom-line performance.


INCSR helps members leverage their power as CEOs, Academics, Business leaders, Consultants, Sustainability experts, Human Rights Advocates, Investors and Thought leaders to secure meaningful commitments on sustainability issues by African governments and multi-national companies


INCSR will work with the stock exchange commissions in African countries to promote sustainability principles for economic development.


Research and Thought Leadership


INCSR members produce cutting-edge reports on wide-ranging sustainability issues ranging from regulatory/policy-related analyses, company/government social audits, investor analysis, human rights due diligence, and industry report to country guides.


Our reports highlight key social and sustainability risks in Africa and define new standards and corporate/investor best practices for responding.




Thank you for the the good work that your organisation is doing in Africa, we are privilaged to be part of your life changing programmes


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Please Note: is a subsidiary of INCSR that focuses primarily on business related human rights advocacy and promotes the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights with African governments and businesses.


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